The right choice.

Looking for the right dental unit that brings outstanding performance and provides exceptional comfort for your patient at a competitive price?

Model One might just be it.


The design follows proven principles of ergonomics. Enjoy the essential version to comfortably perform your basic daily activities.

Most of the materials used, such as UV- resistant and chemically resistant ASA plastic or galvanized semi-matte metals, can match even the most premium products on the market.

The range of the chair lift is extremely large – from 31 cm to 81.5 cm.

The installation of Model One is very easy and swift, and you can start working almost as soon as it’s delivered to you.



Don‘t even let us get started on the dozens of options you can choose from. You can customize every little detail of the dental unit to completely satisfy your needs.

Model One is built with similar and simpler mechanics and electronics than our premium line Model Pro. It is made from premium materials.

The standard control panel comes with a 5-digit display unit which provides you with information regarding the RPM of the currently used micromotor. This version of the control panel includes buttons for the chair, light, cup and cuspidor control. It also rocks a fancy negatoscope!

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Business class tickets, please

Next time your patients visit you, let them know they may as well imagine they’re sitting in a limo. Why? We’ve teamed up with ergonomics experts from the dental industry to design this absolute masterpiece of a dental chair to reduce your clients‘ physical strain and make them as comfy as possible.

Simple is an understatement

The control panels use a clear and simple button layout, graphics, and a high-quality surface finish. We’ve kept it simple, so you can completely focus on your job without any distractions or mistakes.

Hard to get your eyes off of it

Clean geometry, well-designed user interface, compact size, and great ergonomics. All of these combine to make Model One not just a sight to see, but, also a great product to use.

Endless possibilities

Comfortable for all shapes and sizes

The range of the chair lift is extremely large – from 31 cm to 81.5 cm. Thanks to this, your child patients will easily be able to hop onto the chair. It also provides a comfortable workspace for dentists of smaller or even larger stature.

Make it yours

Whatever you feel like, we’re giving you the freedom to express yourself. With the choice of dozens of color and upholstery options, it’s just about your preference.

You’ll find all available options in our upholstery catalogue.

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