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3D Printing: Clear Aligner Models

Clear aligners represent a significant advancement in orthodontic treatment, providing a comfortable, discreet, and efficient option for patients. The integration of digital scanning, 3D printing, and advanced software has transformed the landscape of dental care, offering precise and predictable dental corrections. Read more >

3D Printing: Nightguards, Overnight

Streamline the fabrication of dental night guards by integrating scanning, artificial intelligence (AI) for design, 3D printing technologies, and straightforward post-processing methods. Read more >

Clinical Research: Cementation using Warmed Composite

Luting of Inlays, Onlays, and Overlays with Preheated Restorative Composite Resin Does Not Prevent Seating Accuracy – P. Magne, M. Razaghy, M. A. Carvalho and L. M. Soares Read more >

3D Printing: Ceramic 3D Printed Crowns

SprintRay's Ceramic Crown Solution introduces a comprehensive approach to the chairside fabrication of ceramic crowns, streamlining the process from scanning to delivery within approximately 45 minutes. This workflow integrates three pioneering elements: automated AI-powered design software, a novel ceramic-dominant resin, and advanced production hardware. Read more >

Clinical Indications: What Can Be 3D Printed in Your Practice?

A look at the various treatment options with 3D Printing technology. Stepping into the world of digital dentistry and embracing 3D printing in your practice has never been easier. The barriers to entry are lower than ever and interoperability between scanning devices and fabricating devices from different manufacturers means no more vendor lock-in and prohibitive subscription fees. Read more >

Carestream Dental - The Transition from Trophy, to Kodak to Carestream

The transition from Trophy to Kodak to Carestream is a story of mergers, acquisitions, and rebranding in the dental imaging industry. Read more >

Carestream CS 8200 3D Neo Review - Dr James Stone

We needed a CBCT system because the specialist dentists at our practice, our orthodontist and pediatric dentist, needed to be able to take 3D images. Read more >

Carestream CS 8100 Review - Dr Brendan Forde

Work smarter, not harder. That’s what comes to mind when we think about the dental industry. Read more >

NV Pro3 Laser Review - Dr Alfonso Vargas

I’ve been using (and recommending!) the NV PRO Microlaser for around ten years and have always really enjoyed using them - I think they’re great. Read more >

Dental 3D printing; three uses cases from three Aluro experts

At Aluro Healthcare, innovation isn’t just a word that we throw around. As a primary provider of dental equipment and consumables, we always want to be leading the way, leveraging cutting-edge technology in the dental industry so that you can offer your patient the very best experience. Read more >

Challenging the Status Quo: Dentists, Technology, and Thriving in Uncertain Times

You don’t need us to tell you that 2023 has been a challenging time for the global economy. It can be tempting in unsettled times to push on with the familiar, but it's those businesses that can adapt in adverse times that ultimately succeed. Read more >

Which Dental Pen Laser is Right for Me?

We take a look at dental pen lasers: The DenMat NV Pro 3 wireless pen laser and the DenMat SOL benchtop wired laser. Read more >

The power to progress your practice is in your hands: Meet the AS 100 Intraoral Scanner

If you purchase a dental chair, would you then expect to pay the supplier each time a patient sits in it? No. You would be outraged if someone even suggested it, so why has it become the new normal to get charged twice for intraoral scanners? Read more >

Future-Proofing Your Surgery Setup: the Diplomat Model Pro 500 Dental Unit

When it comes to recruiting, surgery setup matters. But while a state of the art practice will always impress, offering a right-handed dental unit to a left-handed dentist will either leave you dead in the water, or at the bottom of their shortlist. Read more >

How much space does a CBCT Scanner need?

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your in-house imaging capability, it might surprise you to know that you can fit a Carestream 3D CBCT or OPG into a space that is as small as... Read more >

Specialist Spotlight: Getting the best out of 3D CBCT in Clinical Endodontics

Now, we don’t pretend to be clinicians, but we know our gear. This article will help you pick up some tips on getting the best out of 3D CBCT for endodontic cases. Read more >

Improving patient communication: Intraoral cameras

While the medical language we are trained in is not the same language that our patients speak, the use of visual aids can completely transform a patient consult, and case acceptance. Read more >

New Product Review: Carestream CS 8200 3D NEO

Let’s take a look at what’s new, the impact of these advances on patient communication and diagnostic accuracy, and how the CS8200 3D compares to the industry-leading CS 9600. Read more >

Levelling-up your game with 3D Imaging

Join us at 5PM on Thursday June 2nd for a deep-dive into the use of 3D imaging for diagnosing and planning complex cases, with a focus on Endodontics. Read more >

UV vs. HEPA Air Purifiers - 101 Guide

There are two common types of air purifier that are used in the dental industry; UV and HEPA. This article outlines how each type works, and how best to use them. Read more >

Air N GO Easy - Video Training

Discover how to get the most out of the ACTEON AIR N GO Air Polishing system. Read more >

3D Imaging Workflow - Carestream 9600 CBCT

Find out how the 3D image processing workflow of the Carestream 9600 comes together to ensure reliable patient positioning and reproducible image quality—independent of operator skills Read more >

What is CBCT?

Thinking about CBCT? Here's everything you need to know about CBCT, and how it can improve your practice. Read more >

How a CBCT Scanner Transformed Fendalton Dental Surgery

When Dr. Keith Chiang began feeling frustrated by the diagnostic uncertainty caused by his existing OPG scanner, he sought out Aluro to scope a 3D scanning solution. Read more >

Webinar - Level 3 Guidelines & PPE Training

Join Lisa Biesheuvel for a complete guide to what Level 3 means for your practice, and a run-through of everything you need to know about PPE. Read more >