The right choice.

Looking for the right dental unit that brings outstanding performance and provides exceptional comfort for your patient at a competitive price?

Model One 200 (lift version) might just be it.


  • Timeless design: The base of Model One's design, ergonomics and materials used come from Diplomat's premium model line Model Pro.
  • Reliable partner: Installation is easy. Some parts are structurally simpler and thus lighter. Other components follow the same installation steps as Model Pro.
  • Endless possibilities: Dentists can customize every little detail to completely satisfy their needs. Model One offers a wide range of options. 
  • Attention to details: 
    • Silent and robust system: Model One 200 was tested to lift up to 200kg. And, the patient chair can move even lower and higher than Model One 100.
    • Dentist element: Smooth and easy movement. Stability and firmness. Large tray. Whip lock (optional on CS).
    • User interface: Control panel One or Control panel One Plus.
    • Foot controller: Swing - multi-functional electric foot control to control instruments and chair positions. With improved ergonomics and integrated safety switch function.

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