Future-Proofing Your Surgery Setup: the Diplomat Model Pro 500 Dental Unit

Meet the left-handed dental unit, that is also a right-handed dental unit.

When it comes to recruiting new dentists or hygienists, your surgery setup matters. But while an all-singing, all-dancing, whizz-bang, state of the art practice will always impress, a right-handed dental unit for a left-handed dentist will either leave you dead in the water, or at the bottom of their shortlist.  

The Catch 22 with dental units has always been that you just can’t please everyone; once you’ve installed a right-handed dental unit, you’ve closed the door on lefties, and vice-versa.  

It’s about time we flip that on its head, and stop locking surgeries into trade-offs.  

The Diplomat Model Pro 500 Dental Unit and Chair has been making waves in Europe, and for good reason. At the top of its list of practice-pleasing features, you’ll notice something that truly stands apart; it automatically converts from left hand to right hand configuration in minutes.  



Open the door to more good candidates

If you’re on the lookout for associate dentists or hygienists, having a surgery set up that you know will cater to everyone’s personal preferences is a no-brainer. It’s a bit like living in Europe, and buying a car that switches from left hand to right hand drive whenever you need it to. Yes, you can compromise and still get the job done, but why should you have to compromise?  


Wake up to employee wellness 

How many of your colleagues have some form of repetitive strain injuries? Just as the standing desk has allowed office workers to address posture problems by switching positions, the Diplomat Model Pro offers similar benefits. Rather than working in the same position day-in, day-out, the Model Pro lets you mix up your working posture. 



  • Easy Convertibility
    Convert from left to right in 30 seconds.

  • Easy Movement
    The pantographic arm of the unit gives you easy accessibility and smooth movement.

  • Easy Handling

  • Hassle-Free Maintenance


  • Digital dental unit
    Use interface integrated Connect App to access patient data, automate the unit and set up your smart instruments.
  • Ergonomic design
    Optimal patient positioning. The chair ensures maximum comfort, reducing patients’ physical strain, plus your level of stress.
  • Space for team movement
    More than enough space around the unit for multiple people to work around the chair.


Future-Proofing your Practice

You never know what’s around the corner. That promising up and comer whose surgery you just kitted out might fall in love and leave town, or decide to strike out on their own. Kitting out a surgery with flexible, re-configurable equipment like the Model Pro, mitigates risk and keeps your options open.  

Next time you’re in Auckland, come and check out the Diplomat Model Pro 500 at Aluro’s showroom on the North shore.